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Hard Drive Repair for Data Recovery

DatBit Data Recovery Services is committed to safe and cost effective recovery of digital files, such as text documents, images or pictures, databases, spreadsheets, emails, faxes, etc. In some cases it may be possible to recover the entire operating system and make a clone (an exact replica of original hard drive).

We offer an absolutely Flat Rate pricing for hard drive recovery. We believe customers DO need to know the FIRM price BEFORE they send their media to the recovery lab. Needless to say, the firm price knowledge before recovery starts significantly reduces the recovery process time. Our specialists do not have to spend any time for evaluation and price negotiation processes; the recovery will start IMMEDIATELY upon the damaged drive's arrival to our lab.

From few of old data retrieval projects

Greg S. , Baltimore, Maryland United States - with failed WD GreenPower 3Tb: One-year old hard drive has turned into inaccessible device with thousands files in documents and older archives on it. When our technician tried the drive in the external caddy, the motor starts for few seconds (accompanying with two or three loud clicks), and then the spindle slows down and stalls.

Our accountant has finished observing information about recovered files in your remote access browser (directly from your website -very handy feature!). She approved the data recovery result as 100% successful.

Walmart Supercenter , Seacaucus, New Jersey USA - with failed Seagate Barracuda LP 1Tb: This problem drive was removed from its original external Seagate USB-box.
Apparently, the failure to read anything from HD had happened when the external drive was accidently dropped to the floor from the desktop.
We have tried to connect the separate power connector with no luck, no spinning sound from the drive either - looks like the motor stuck.

Most of the lost files were completely restored and we were able to get back to where we left off practically in no time - all thanks to you!

Larry R. , T-Zone Gaming , NYC USA - with failed Seagate BlackArmor Backup NAS 220 RAID: Disk 1 from the RAID-server makes an unusual grinding-like sound, probably caused by a damaged reading head. We hope you are able to repair this drive and restore recoverable data from our network server. All cables and software CD are included with the whole unit - prepared for sending to DatBit lab.

I must say it's an amazing job you pulled off, I cannot thank you enough for what you did by saving my data! I will suggest your service to all I know, as well as schedule the backups on the weekly basis - hopefully it will prevent any future data loss disaster due to hard drive 'sickness'.

Data Recovery Price Table

Hard Drive Data Recovery
(Desktop, Laptop, External Devices)

FLAT Rate Prices
Regular Service
FLAT Rate Prices
Emergency Service
0.1 - 580 GB
580GB - 2TB
2.2TB - 4TB+



Clean Room is a must-have for Data Recovery

1. Flat price covers ALL recovery procedures, including
  • Clean Room Repairs (for all internal damages like clicking noises, heads damage, motor problems, severe media damage to platters; These problems are fixed by opening the hard drive under clean room conditions)
  • Firmware problems (Internal microcode damaged)
  • Electronic components (i.e. burned PCB)
  • Software recovery (File System corrupted; viruses; deleted files, etc.)

    One Flat Price covers all recovery cases, regardless the data loss issue.

Brief definition of recovery procedure:
First of all, if media is not accessible, we will fix all electrical and mechanical components of hard disk to gain the access to data on magnetic platters. If needed, the hard drive will be opened up in the clean room environment to determine the problem and fix the damage, or move the disk platters to the healthy drive frame. If the media is accessible we will create a raw image to our lab media to work further on it and keep your media as is.



2. Turnaround time for regular and emergency services.

The regular turnaround time typically takes 3 -5 days for laptop drives, and 5-7 days for desktop drives.

EMERGENCY SERVICE is available as well. The time frame for this type of data recovery service: same day if possible, or normally 1- 2 days. The EMERGENCY SERVICE recovery cost is indicated in the price table above. Please be aware of, that in some complex recovery cases the recovery process time may be affected by capacity of hard drive and/or condition of disk's surfaces.


3. RAID recovery:
No flat price for RAID's yet. Please contact to get a quote. Price range for RAID servers is in between $1000 - $3500, some limitations may apply.


4. Parts.
No additional charge for using our parts. We stock spare parts almost for each existing hard drive model. Some conditions may apply.


5. Data Backup and delivery.
No charge for coping recovered data onto spare drive (provide your own or order from us). You may order other backup options for reasonable price.
We recommend making a "hard copy" of your recovered files, by ordering it on DVD's.
Also, you may order an exact replica (so called HDD-clone) of your original failed drive to a new hard drive (a good chance to boot Operating System up, when installed into original computer). Note, in some recovery cases HDD-cloning option is not available.

Return shipping and handling cost is not included in the recovery flat price.


6. The tampered drives are the subject of  the additional charge.


7. Payment.
No up-front payment is ever asked. You pay only when the recovery process is complete and you are satisfied with the results. Please, do not submit any payments before you receive a comprehensive recovery report  from us.

For detailed information about our other optional services you may order, conditions, shipping cost, etc., please click here.

Typical hard drive problems we can help with are:

  • Clicking / Ticking / Scratching / Grinding Sounds
  • Not spinning, Not powering on at all
  • Drive not working after Power Surge
  • Freezing or locking up the computer
  • Not detected by BIOS / Computer
  • Corrupted partition
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions, Accidental Deletion of Data, Virus Problems
  • Hard disk is unable to be accessed ( Inaccessible drive or partition )
  • Unable to boot computer
  • The disk is seen in windows but asking to be formatted
  • Unable to access drive in windows with an error message
  • Error reporting ' Primary Master Disk failed, Press F1 to continue'

Data recovery often involves replacing failed or damaged components in a clean environment. Failed components typically include read/write heads, head assemblies, and drive motors.

The success of recovery mostly depends on how fast the hard drive was SHUT OFF after the failure occurred.


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