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Evaluation and Pricing

Recently, we have launched the new pricing policy.

Normally, each data recovery Job starts with our free evaluation to determine the problem with the media; in the order to provide a firm price-quote for you to  review.

However, our successful business with absolutely Flat Rate pricing for laptop hard drive recovery has shown us the best way of satisfying the customers who need to know the FIRM price BEFORE sending the failed media to the recovery lab. Needless to say that the firm price knowledge before recovery starts significantly reduces the recovery process time. Our specialists do not have to spend their time for evaluation and negotiation process; instead they start recovery IMMEDIATELY the day your drive comes in to our lab. Now we've decided to expand the firm or flat price policy practice to desktop computer drives also.

- with failed :

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Mark B. - NYC U.S.A. - with failed Seagate Free Agent: The external drive was moved around the table when accidental jolt happened. To make the situation worse, that drive was in use (I was watching the movie in that drive connected to TV). Now the drive is un-detectable in the device manager, there is no sound of any kinds of spinning drive. I think the motor is stuck as on every power-on there is a quiet buzz from the PCB, and then it goes to the absolute silence. The external WD-enclosure still works OK when I put the different hard drive into it.

Most of requested files were successfully recovered. Very happy with the result of your work, special thanks to your dedicated team that worked on my hard drive, very professional approach.

Data Recovery Price Table

Hard Drive Data Recovery
(Desktop, Laptop, External Devices)

FLAT Rate Prices
Regular Service
FLAT Rate Prices
Emergency Service
0.1 - 580 GB
580GB - 2TB
2.2TB - 4TB+


1. Flat price covers ALL recovery procedures, including

  • Clean Room Repairs (for all internal damages like clicking noises, heads damage, motor problems, severe media damage to platters; These problems are fixed by opening the hard drive under clean room conditions)
  • Firmware problems (Internal microcode damaged)
  • Electronic components (burned PCB)
  • Software recovery (File System corrupted; viruses; deleted files, etc.)

    One Flat Price covers all recovery cases, regardless the data loss issue.

    Brief definition of the recovery procedure:
    First of all, if media is not accessible, we'll fix all electrical and mechanical components of the hard disk to gain the access to the data on the magnetic platters. If needed, drive will be opened up in the clean room to find out and fix the damage or move the disk platters to the healthy drive frame. If the media is Accessible we will create a raw image to our lab media to further work on it and keep your media as is.


    2. Turnaround time for regular and emergency services.

    The regular turnaround time typically takes for laptop drives 3 - 5 days, and 5 - 7 days for desktop drives.

    EMERGENCY SERVICE is available as well. The time frame for this type of data recovery service: same day if possible, or normally 1- 2 days. The EMERGENCY SERVICE recovery cost is indicated in the price table above. Please be aware of, in some complex recovery cases the recovery process time may be affected by capacity of hard drive and condition of surfaces on the disk.


    3. RAID recovery:
    No flat price for RAID's yet. Please contact to get a quote. Price range for RAID servers is from $1000 to $3500, some limitations apply.


    4. Parts.
    No additional charge for using our parts. We stock spare parts almost for each existing hard drive model. Some conditions might apply.


    5. Data Backup and delivery.
    No charge for coping recovered data onto spare drive (provide your own or order from us). You may order other backup options for reasonable price.
    We recommend making a "hard copy" of your recovered files, by ordering it on DVD's.
    Also, you may order an exact replica (so called HDD-clone) of your original failed drive to a new hard drive (a good chance to boot Operating System up, when installed into original computer). Note, in some recovery cases HDD-cloning option is not available.

    Return shipping and handling cost is not included in the recovery flat price.


    6. The tampered drives are the subject of  additional charge.


    7. Payment.
    No up-front payment is ever asked. You pay only when the recovery process is complete and you are satisfied with the results. Please, do not submit any payments before you receive a comprehensive recovery report  from us.

    For detailed information about our other optional services you may order, conditions, shipping cost, etc., please click here.


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