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Seagate 3.5'' Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

We support all models of Seagate Hard Disk Drives. Typical symptoms and problems we can help with are:

  • Clicking / Ticking / Scratching / Grinding Sounds
  • Not spinning, Not powering on at all
  • Drive not working after Power Surge
  • Freezing or locking up the computer
  • Not detected by computer's CMOS/BIOS
  • Corrupted partition
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions, Accidental Deletion of Data, Virus Problems
  • Hard disk is unable to be accessed ( Inaccessible drive or partition )
  • Unable to boot computer
  • The disk is seen in Operating System but asking to be formatted
  • Unable to access drive with an error message
  • Error reporting ' Primary Master disk failed, Press F1 to continue'

From few of old data retrieval projects

Randall T. , Aurora, CO USA - with failed Seagate ST960821A laptop: The computer would start Windows and get to the black screen just beyond Windows logo screen. The cursor would work but the computer would not continue to load. Geek Squad ran their 65$ diagnostic and said they could not pull the data. Saying it was inaccessible to read any sectors.

Your service was definitely timely and the price was surpassing compared to other data recovery places I inquired from. All of the required data were recovered.
Randall T.

Ian W., Datum Architect, Philadelphia, PA USA - with failed Seagate Barracuda LP 1TB desktop: Our IT department failed to read or retrieve any files from this drive.
They tried few data recovery programs with no results, and stopped trying when the drive started producing a clear CLICKING sound and not responding anymore on any CMOS-test commands.

Your clean room repairing team saved hundreds of documents (that we thought all lost forever), what a nicely done job!

Data recovery process often involves replacing failed or damaged hard drive's components in a clean environment. The failed components typically include the read/write heads and drive's motor.


Most often requested Seagate Desktop Hard Disk Drives for Data Recovery

Click on your drive model from the table that is linked to the specific data recovery information (including price). If you cannot find the wanted hard drive model in the table, go to our drive search

Seagate 3.5" desktop drives grouped by Capacity

Capacity Seagate 3.5" Desktop HDD Models
4000 Gb
ST4000DM000   STBD4000400  
3000 Gb
ST3000DM001   STBD3000100  
2000 Gb
ST2000DL003   ST2000DM001   ST32000542AS   ST32000641AS   STBD2000101  
1500 Gb
ST1500DL003   ST1500DM003   ST31500341AS   ST31500541AS  
1000 Gb
ST1000322CS   ST1000DM003   ST31000333AS   ST31000340AS   ST31000520AS   ST31000524AS   ST31000528AS   STM31000528AS  
750 Gb
ST3750330AS   ST3750330NS   ST3750525AS   ST3750528AS   ST3750630AS   ST3750640A   ST3750640AS   ST3750840A   ST3750840AS   ST750DM003   STM3750528AS  
640 Gb
ST3640323AS   ST3640330AS   ST3640530AS  
500 Gb
ST3500320AS   ST3500320NS   ST3500410AS   ST3500412AS   ST3500413AS   ST3500620AS   ST3500630A   ST3500630AS   ST3500641A   ST3500641AS   ST3500641NS   ST3500820AS   ST3500830A   ST3500830AS   ST3500841AS   ST3500841NS   ST500DM002   STM3500418AS  
400 Gb
ST3400620A   ST3400620AS   ST3400632A   ST3400632AS   ST3400632NS   ST3400633A   ST3400633AS   ST3400633NS   ST3400820A   ST3400820AS   ST3400832A   ST3400832AS   ST3400832NS   ST3400833A   ST3400833AS   ST3400833NS  
320 Gb
ST320DM000   ST3320413AS   ST3320418AS   ST3320613AS   ST3320620A   ST3320620AS   ST3320633AS   ST3320813AS   ST3320820A   ST3320820AS   ST3320833A   ST3320833AS   STM3320418AS   STM3320820A   STM3320820AS  
300 Gb
ST3300620A   ST3300620AS   ST3300622A   ST3300622AS   ST3300631A   ST3300631AS   ST3300820A   ST3300820AS   ST3300822AS   ST3300831A   ST3300831AS  
250 Gb
ST250DM000   ST3250310AS   ST3250310NS   ST3250312AS   ST3250318AS   ST3250410AS   ST3250620AS   ST3250623A   ST3250623AS   ST3250623NS   ST3250624A   ST3250624AS   ST3250624NS   ST3250820A   ST3250820AS   ST3250823A   ST3250823AS   ST3250823NS   ST3250824A   ST3250824AS   ST3250824NS   STM3250318AS   STM3250820A   STM3250820AS  
200 Gb
ST3200021A   ST3200820A   ST3200820AS   ST3200822A   ST3200822AS   ST3200826A   ST3200826AS   ST3200827A   ST3200827AS  
160 Gb
ST3160021A   ST3160023A   ST3160023AS   ST3160210A   ST3160210AS   ST3160211AS   ST3160212A   ST3160215A   ST3160215AS   ST3160310AS   ST3160316AS   ST3160318AS   ST3160810AS   ST3160811AS   ST3160812A   ST3160812AS   ST3160813AS   ST3160815A   ST3160815AS   ST3160827AS   STM3160211AS   STM3160212A   STM3160318AS  
120 Gb
ST3120020A   ST3120022A   ST3120022AS   ST3120023A   ST3120023AS   ST3120026A   ST3120026AS   ST3120210A   ST3120210AS   ST3120211AS   ST3120213A   ST3120810AS   ST3120811AS   ST3120813AS   ST3120814A   ST3120827AS  
80 Gb
ST380011A   ST380013A   ST380013AS   ST380021A   ST380022A   ST380023A   ST380023AS   ST3802110A   ST380211AS   ST380215A   ST380215AS   ST3808110AS   ST380811AS   ST380815AS   ST380817AS   STM380211A   STM380211AS  
60 Gb
ST360012A   ST360015A   ST360015AS   ST360021A  
40 Gb
ST340012A   ST340014A   ST340015A   ST340016A   ST3402111A   ST340211AS   STM3402111A   STM340211AS  
30 Gb
20 Gb
ST320011A   ST320015A  

Seagate 3.5" desktop drives grouped by Family

Family Seagate 3.5" Desktop HDD Models
Desktop HDD SATAST4000DM000   STBD4000400  
Barracuda XT SATA 6ST32000641AS  
Barracuda LP 5900-rpm SATAST2000DL003   ST1500DL003   ST3500412AS  
Barracuda LP SATA3ST32000542AS   ST31500541AS   ST31000520AS  
DiamondMax 23 SATASTM31000528AS   STM3750528AS   STM3500418AS   STM3320418AS   STM3250318AS   STM3160318AS  
Barracuda 7200.11 SATAST31500341AS   ST31000333AS   ST31000340AS   ST3750330AS   ST3750630AS   ST3640323AS   ST3640330AS   ST3640530AS   ST3500320AS   ST3500620AS   ST3500820AS   ST3320613AS   ST3320813AS   ST3160813AS  
Pipeline HD.2ST1000322CS  
Barracuda 7200.12 SATAST31000524AS   ST31000528AS   ST3750525AS   ST3750528AS   ST3500410AS   ST3500413AS   ST3320413AS   ST3320418AS   ST3250312AS   ST3250318AS   ST3160316AS   ST3160318AS  
Barracuda 7200.14 SATAST3000DM001   STBD3000100   ST2000DM001   STBD2000101   ST1500DM003   ST1000DM003   ST750DM003   ST500DM002   ST320DM000   ST250DM000  
Barracuda ES.2 SATAST3750330NS   ST3500320NS   ST3250310NS  
DiamondMax 21 SATASTM3320820AS   STM3250820AS  
DiamondMax 21 Ultra ATA 100STM3320820A   STM3250820A  
Barracuda NS.2 SATAST3500641NS   ST3500841NS   ST3400632NS   ST3400633NS   ST3400832NS   ST3400833NS   ST3250623NS   ST3250624NS   ST3250823NS   ST3250824NS  
Barracuda 7200.10 PATAST3750640A   ST3750840A   ST3500630A   ST3500830A   ST3400620A   ST3400820A   ST3320620A   ST3320820A   ST3300620A   ST3300820A   ST3250820A   ST3200820A  
Barracuda 7200.8 PATAST3400632A   ST3400832A   ST3300631A   ST3300831A   ST3250623A   ST3250823A   ST3200826A  
Barracuda 7200.8 SATAST3200826AS  
DiamondMax 20 SATASTM3160211AS   STM380211AS   STM340211AS  
DiamondMax 20 Ultra ATA 100STM3160212A   STM380211A   STM3402111A  
Barracuda 7200.10 SATAST3750640AS   ST3750840AS   ST3500630AS   ST3500830AS   ST3400620AS   ST3400820AS   ST3320620AS   ST3320820AS   ST3300620AS   ST3300820AS   ST3250310AS   ST3250410AS   ST3250620AS   ST3250820AS   ST3200820AS   ST3160215AS   ST3160310AS   ST3160815AS   ST380215AS   ST380815AS  
Barracuda 7200.10 Ultra ATAST3160215A   ST3160815A  
Barracuda 7200.7ST3200021A   ST3200822A   ST3160021A   ST3160023A   ST3120022A   ST3120026A   ST380011A   ST380013A   ST340014A  
Barracuda ATA VST3120023A   ST380023A   ST360015A  
Barracuda 7200.7 SATAST3400632AS   ST3400832AS   ST3300631AS   ST3300831AS   ST3250623AS   ST3250823AS   ST3200822AS   ST3160023AS   ST3160827AS   ST3120022AS   ST3120026AS   ST3120827AS   ST380013AS   ST380817AS  
Barracuda 7200.9 PATAST3500641A   ST3400633A   ST3300622A   ST3250624A   ST3250824A   ST3200827A   ST3160212A   ST3160812A   ST3120213A   ST3120814A   ST3802110A   ST3402111A  
Barracuda 7200.9 SATAST3500641AS   ST3500841AS   ST3400633AS   ST3400833AS   ST3320633AS   ST3320833AS   ST3300622AS   ST3300822AS   ST3250624AS   ST3250824AS   ST3200827AS   ST3160210AS   ST3160211AS   ST3160810AS   ST3160811AS   ST3160812AS   ST3120210AS   ST3120211AS   ST3120810AS   ST3120811AS   ST3120813AS   ST380211AS   ST3808110AS   ST380811AS   ST340211AS  
Barracuda Serial ATA VST3120023AS   ST380023AS   ST360015AS  
Barracuda 7200.9 Ultra ATAST3400833A   ST3320833A   ST3160210A   ST3120210A  
U Series 7ST3120020A   ST380022A   ST360012A   ST340012A   ST330012A  
Barracuda 7200.10 Ultra ATA/100ST380215A  
Barracuda 5400.1ST340015A   ST320015A  
Barracuda ATA IVST380021A   ST360021A   ST340016A   ST320011A  

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