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Toshiba Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

We support all models of Toshiba laptop hard disk drives for data recovery.

The micro mechanics of laptop (notebook) hard drives can be a challenge even for the most of experienced recovery engineers.

The miniature laptop drive design makes a recovery more delicate and skill refined process and requires to use of special tooling, equipment and expertise.

The most advanced data recovery technologies, Clean Room techniques, and over 15 years of experience in Data Recovery allow us to retrieve data from any failed Toshiba hard drive.

To find out the full details of data recovery for your failed hard drive, please use a drive locator or click on suitable link from the table below. Most often requested Toshiba mobile hard disk drives for data recovery:

Most often requested Toshiba Drives for Data Recovery - grouped by HDD Capacity

Data recovery process often involves replacing failed or damaged hard drive's components in a clean environment. The failed components typically include the read/write heads and drive's motor.


Toshiba - Laptop drives grouped by Capacity

Capacity Toshiba HDD Models
2000 Gb
1500 Gb
1000 Gb
MK1059GSM   MQ02ABF100  
750 Gb
MK7559GSM   MK7559GSXP   MQ01ABD075   MQ02ABF075  
640 Gb
MK6459GSXP   MK6461GSY   MK6461GSYD   MK6461GSYN   MK6465GSX   MK6475GSX   MK6476GSX   MQ01ABD064  
500 Gb
MK5055GSX   MK5056GSY   MK5059GSXP   MK5061GSY   MK5061GSYB   MK5061GSYD   MK5061GSYN   MK5065GSX   MK5065GSXN   MK5075GSX   MK5076GSX   MK5076GSXZ   MQ01ABD050   MQ01ABF050   MQ01ACF050  
400 Gb
MK4055GSX   MK4058GSX  
320 Gb
MK3233GSG   MK3252GSX   MK3253GSX   MK3254GSY   MK3254GSYF   MK3255GSX   MK3256GSY   MK3259GSXP   MK3261GSY   MK3261GSYD   MK3261GSYN   MK3263GSX   MK3265GSX   MK3275GSX   MK3276GSX   MQ01AAD032C   MQ01ABD032   MQ01ABF032   MQ01ACF032  
250 Gb
MK2529GSG   MK2533GSG   MK2546GSX   MK2552GSX   MK2553GSX   MK2554GSY   MK2554GSYF   MK2555GSX   MK2556GSY   MK2561GSY   MK2561GSYB   MK2561GSYD   MK2561GSYN   MK2565GSX   MK2575GSX   MK2576GSX   MK2576GSXZ   MQ01ABD025   MQ01ABF025  
240 Gb
MK2431GAH   MK2431GAL  
200 Gb
MK2035GSS   MK2049GSY   MK2051GSY   MK2060GSC   MQ01AAD020C  
160 Gb
MK1617GSG   MK1629GSG   MK1633GSG   MK1637GSX   MK1646GSX   MK1649GSY   MK1651GSY   MK1652GSX   MK1653GSX   MK1654GSY   MK1654GSYF   MK1655GSX   MK1656GSY   MK1661GSY   MK1661GSYB   MK1661GSYD   MK1661GSYN   MK1665GSX   MK1675GSX   MK1676GSX  
120 Gb
MK1214GAH   MK1216GSG   MK1229GSG   MK1231GAL   MK1233GAS   MK1234GAS   MK1234GAX   MK1234GSX   MK1235GSL   MK1237GSX   MK1246GSX   MK1249GSY   MK1251GSY   MK1252GSX   MK1253GSX   MK1254GSY   MK1254GSYF   MK1255GSX  
100 Gb
MK1011GAH   MK1031GAS   MK1032GAX   MK1032GSX   MK1034GSX   MK1060GSCX   MQ01AAD010C  
80 Gb
MK8007GAH   MK8009GAH   MK8016GSG   MK8017GSG   MK8025GAL   MK8025GAS   MK8026GAX   MK8031GAL   MK8032GAX   MK8032GSX   MK8034GSX   MK8037GSX   MK8046GSX   MK8049GSY   MK8050GAC   MK8050GACE   MK8050GACY   MK8051GSY   MK8052GSX   MK8054GSY   MK8054GSYF   MK8057GSC   MK8061GSYB  
60 Gb
MK6006GAH   MK6008GAH   MK6014GAL   MK6015GAA   MK6021GAS   MK6022GAX   MK6025GAS   MK6026GAX   MK6028GAL   MK6032GAX   MK6032GSX   MK6034GAX   MK6034GSX   MK6037GSX   MK6050GAC   MK6050GACE  
40 Gb
MK4004GAH   MK4006GAH   MK4007GAL   MK4008GAH   MK4009GAL   MK4018GAP   MK4018GAS   MK4019GAX   MK4021GAS   MK4025GAS   MK4026GAX   MK4032GAX   MK4032GSX   MK4034GSX   MK4036GAC   MK4036GACE   MK4050GAC   MK4050GACE  
30 Gb
MK3004GAH   MK3006GAL   MK3008GAL   MK3017GAP   MK3018GAS   MK3019GAX   MK3021GAS   MK3029GACE  
20 Gb
MK2003GAH   MK2004GAL   MK2006GAL   MK2008GAL   MK2018GAP   MK2018GAS   MK2023GAS  
15 Gb
10 Gb
5 Gb

Toshiba 1.8" Hard drive

Typical symptoms and problems we can help with are:

  • Clicking / Ticking / Scratching / Grinding Sounds
  • Not spinning, Not powering on at all
  • Drive not working after Power Surge
  • Freezing or locking up the computer
  • Not detected by BIOS / Computer
  • Corrupted partition
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions, Accidental Deletion of Data, Virus Problems
  • Hard disk is unable to be accessed ( Inaccessible drive or partition )
  • Unable to boot computer
  • The disk is seen in windows but asking to be formatted
  • Unable to access drive in windows with an error message
  • Error reporting 'Primary Master disk failed, Press F1 to continue'

Data recovery often involves replacing failed or damaged components in a clean environment. Failed components typically include read/write heads, head assemblies, and drive motors.

The success of recovery mostly depends on how fast the hard drive was SHUT OFF after the failure occurred.

Toshiba - Desktop 3.5" hard drives grouped by Capacity

Capacity Toshiba HDD Models
3000 Gb
DT01ABA300   DT01ABA300V   DT01ACA300  
2000 Gb
DT01ABA200   DT01ABA200V   DT01ACA200  
1500 Gb
DT01ABA150   DT01ABA150V   DT01ACA150  
1000 Gb
DT01ABA100   DT01ABA100V   DT01ACA100  
750 Gb
DT01ABA075   DT01ABA075V   DT01ACA075  
500 Gb
DT01ABA050   DT01ABA050V   DT01ACA050  
320 Gb
DT01ABA032   DT01ABA032V   DT01ACA032  
250 Gb
DT01ABA025   DT01ABA025V   DT01ACA025  


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