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Old Laptop (Notebook) Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

This is an incomplete list of old hard drives we always support in our lab.

The new hard drives have much bigger capacity and can be located in on-site search system by entering the model number as a keyword.

We recover laptop / notebook drives at very affordable flat and firm price for you.

To find out the full details of data recovery for your failed hard drive, please use a drive locator (top right corner of this page) or click on suitable link from the table below.

Hard drives for laptop computers

Typical symptoms and problems we can help with are:

  • Clicking / Ticking / Scratching / Grinding Sounds
  • Not spinning, Not powering on at all
  • Drive not working after Power Surge
  • Freezing or locking up the computer
  • Not detected by BIOS / Computer
  • Corrupted partition
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions, Accidental Deletion of Data, Virus Problems
  • Hard disk is unable to be accessed ( Inaccessible drive or partition )
  • Unable to boot computer
  • The disk is seen in windows but asking to be formatted
  • Unable to access drive in windows with an error message
  • Error reporting ' Primary Master disk failed, Press F1 to continue'

Data recovery often involves replacing failed or damaged components in a clean environment. Failed components typically include read/write heads, head assemblies, and drive motors.

The success of recovery mostly depends on how fast the hard drive was SHUT OFF after the failure occurred.


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