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Fujitsu Hard Disk Drive Repair and Data Recovery

Fujitsu Laptop Data Recovery

We support all models of Fujitsu Laptop Hard Disk Drives for Data Recovery.

The micro mechanics of laptop (notebook) hard drives can be a challenge even for the most of experienced recovery engineers.

The miniature laptop drive design makes a recovery more delicate and skill refined process and requires to use of special tooling, equipment and expertise.

The most advanced data recovery technologies, Clean Room techniques, and over 15 years of experience in Data Recovery allow us to retrieve data from any failed Fujitsu hard drive.

From few of old data retrieval projects

Eugenia M. , IBM Inc. , Waldwick, New Jersey USA - with failed Western Digital WD20EURS-63S48Y0: This is another failed hard drive we are sending in for data retrieving.
The faulty hard drive is part of WD Elements Desktop external data storage, stopped working without giving any prior warnings.

For the second time you are giving us the excellent data recovery. We are so grateful for all of your support. Thank you.

Benjamin L. Malibu, CA USA - with failed Fujitsu MHY2250BH laptop: Events: The computer was on the ground and a person accidentally kicked the side of the computer (exactly where the hard drive is located).
Recovery Attempts (3 months ago):
1.) Used an enclosure to try to extract data. Failed.
2.) Tried to bypass the OS by booting Linux from a CD. Failed.
3.) Sent it to a hard drive specialist's company. They couldn't do it for under $500, so I got it back. Failed.
However, the actual hard drive was never manually tampered with.

THANK YOU! Got it all back, looks perfect...

Data recovery process often involves replacing failed or damaged hard drive's components in a clean environment. The failed components typically include the read/write heads and drive's motor.

Most often requested Fujitsu for Data Recovery

Click on your drive model from the table that is linked to the specific data recovery information (including price). If you cannot find the wanted hard drive model in the table, go to our drive search

Fujitsu Laptopd drives - 2.5" or smaller; Grouped by Capacity

Capacity Fujitsu Laptop HDD Models
500 Gb
MHZ2500BT   MJA2500BH  
400 Gb
MHZ2400BT   MJA2400BH  
320 Gb
MHZ2320BH   MHZ2320BJ   MHZ2320CJ   MJA2320BH  
300 Gb
250 Gb
MHX2250BT   MHY2250BH   MHZ2250BH   MHZ2250BJ   MHZ2250BK   MHZ2250BS   MHZ2250CJ   MJA2250BH  
220 Gb
200 Gb
MHY2200BH   MHZ2200BH  
160 Gb
MHW2160BJ   MHY2160BH   MHY2160BS   MHZ2160BH   MHZ2160BJ   MHZ2160BK   MHZ2160CJ   MJA2160BH  
120 Gb
MHV2120AH   MHV2120AT   MHV2120BH   MHW2120BJ   MHW2120BK   MHY2120BH   MHY2120BS   MHZ2120BH   MHZ2120BJ   MHZ2120BK   MHZ2120BS   MHZ2120CJ  
100 Gb
MHU2100AT   MHV2100AH   MHV2100AT   MHV2100BH   MHY2100BH   MHY2100BS  
80 Gb
MHT2080AH   MHT2080AT   MHV2080AH   MHV2080AS   MHV2080AT   MHV2080BH   MHV2080BS   MHW2080AT   MHW2080BJ   MHW2080BK   MHY2080BH   MHY2080BS   MHZ2080BH   MHZ2080BJ   MHZ2080BK   MHZ2080CJ  
60 Gb
MHS2060AT   MHT2060AH   MHT2060AT   MHV2040AH   MHV2060AH   MHV2060AS   MHV2060AT   MHV2060BH   MHV2060BS   MHW2060AC   MHW2060AT   MHW2060BK   MHY2060BH   MHY2060BS  
40 Gb
MHR2040AT   MHS2040AT   MHT2040AH   MHT2040AT   MHV2040AH   MHV2040AS   MHV2040AT   MHV2040BH   MHV2040BS   MHW2040AC   MHW2040AT   MHY2040BH   MHY2040BS  
30 Gb
MHL2300AT   MHN2300AT   MHR2030AT   MHS2030AT   MHT2030AT  
20 Gb
MHM2200AT   MHN2200AT   MHR2020AT   MHS2020AT   MHT2020AT  

Fujitsu drives for Laptops - grouped by Family

Family Fujitsu Laptop HDD Models
MJA SATAMJA2500BH   MJA2400BH   MJA2320BH   MJA2250BH   MJA2160BH  
MHZ SATAMHZ2500BT   MHZ2400BT   MHZ2320BH   MHZ2320BJ   MHZ2320CJ   MHZ2250BH   MHZ2250BJ   MHZ2250BK   MHZ2250BS   MHZ2250CJ   MHZ2200BH   MHZ2160BH   MHZ2160BJ   MHZ2160BK   MHZ2160CJ   MHZ2120BH   MHZ2120BJ   MHZ2120BK   MHZ2120BS   MHZ2120CJ   MHZ2080BH   MHZ2080BJ   MHZ2080BK   MHZ2080CJ  
MHW SATAMHW2160BJ   MHW2120BJ   MHW2120BK   MHW2080BJ   MHW2080BK   MHW2060BK  
MHV IDEMHV2120AT   MHV2100AT   MHV2080AT   MHV2060AT   MHV2040AT  
MHW IDEMHW2080AT   MHW2060AC   MHW2060AT   MHW2040AC   MHW2040AT  
MHT AHMHT2080AH   MHT2060AH   MHT2040AH  
MHY SATAMHY2250BH   MHY2200BS   MHY2200BH   MHY2160BH   MHY2160BS   MHY2120BH   MHY2120BS   MHY2100BH   MHY2100BS   MHY2080BH   MHY2080BS   MHY2060BH   MHY2060BS   MHY2040BH   MHY2040BS  
MHVMHV2120AH   MHV2120BH   MHV2100AH   MHV2100BH   MHV2080AH   MHV2080AS   MHV2080BH   MHV2080BS   MHV2060AH   MHV2060AS   MHV2060BH   MHV2060BS   MHV2040AH   MHV2040AS   MHV2040BH   MHV2040BS  
MHL and MHM SeriesMHL2300AT   MHM2200AT  
MHNMHN2300AT   MHN2200AT  
MHRMHR2040AT   MHR2030AT   MHR2020AT  
MHSMHS2060AT   MHS2040AT   MHS2030AT   MHS2020AT  
MHT ATMHT2080AT   MHT2060AT   MHT2040AT   MHT2030AT   MHT2020AT  

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