October 22, 2017

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Toshiba MK3004GAH Data Recovery Information

The inaccessible Toshiba MK3004GAH laptop hard drive with various symptoms of malfunctioning is often being repaired at our lab to get an access to user data. The first step in data restoration process for failed MK3004GAH HDD model starts in the clean room where our experienced specialists fix the mechanical and electrical parts by replacing to new ones and check repaired Toshiba on the special stand designed to test and tune the hard drives to gain a stable reading from the affected media.

Toshiba laptop hard drive can flawlessly work for years, yet sometimes it suffers from a data loss due to its internal defects that can also relate to the corrupt firmware code or electronic elements failures.

A simple – yet very effective diagnostic method you may try yourself is to connect a faulty drive to PC and watch the BIOS screen on boot sequence (or device manager for external connections) for error messages about your drive. The most typical failure symptoms come with the error messages listed below.

  • Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter
  • Primary Master Hard Disk Fail
  • No operating system found
  • USB Device malfunctioned error
  • S.M.A.R.T. Capable But Command Failed

Be prepared to turn off the power to any device with a hard drive having any symptoms of clicking, knocking or beeping sound to stop and prevent further data damage. Most often these are indications of serious problems with mechanically moving parts like disk spindle or block of heads - when heads are literally grinding the disk platters. The silent HDD or beeping sound from the electronic board indicates the symptoms that accompanies the stuck motor axle or glued heads. A very accurate repairing and cleaning procedures must be made before the actual recovery starts for these types of problems.

Toshiba MK3004GAH

Technical Details about MK3004GAH HDD model

Brand Toshiba
Device Type Laptop Hard Drive
Model Number MK3004GAH
Other (Family, P/N) 1.8-inch MK;
Storage Capacity 30 Gb
Full Data Recovery
Service Cost
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Our Lab is fully equipped and ready to restore the lost inaccessible files from the most hard drives that had undergone such catastrophic events like dropping computer on the floor, flood disaster, electrical fluctuations, voltage failure, and other data disasters.


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