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Other optional services you may order, conditions, and shipping cost

Other prices for your information:

Data backup on other media and data delivery

Data Backup on spare hard drive, any capacity (you should provide spare drive or order it)
Optional: Clone to spare drive (Chance to boot Operating system)
$100 (optional)
Data Backup on DVD-R
(4.5 Gb capacity each)
First DVD-R
Each next DVD-burning
$35 (optional)
Data Backup on CD-R
(0.7 Gb capacity each)
First CD
Each next CD-burning
$15 (optional)
FTP access to download recovered exceptional data Up to 50 MB
Up to 1 Gb
$100 (optional)
More 1 GB
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Return "Shipping & Handling" - Worldwide

The actual cost to your destination by UPS Express, Expedited or Ground (Standard) services + $15 handling.
Option: You may provide your own UPS account number, where return shipping address must match to your courier's account profile!


Cases with extra recovery labors fees

Extra Recovery Issu
Hard Drive Tampering
If you are sending a tampered drive for recovery, expect additional charge (normally $300). This is in regards to any internal intrusion or PCB tampering.
For example, the charge for additional recovery labor will be applied, if you or someone has tried to recover your hard drive and
- Made some soldering operation on Printed Circuit board
- Opened a drive cover
- Removed labels
Hard drive has 3 or more partitions
Three to six partitions : add $200
Seven and more partitions: add $300


Spare Parts Usage for Data recovery cases 

In some data recovery cases, to retrieve the data we need spare parts to put on a failed hard drive. 
There is no extra charge for our spare parts usage. We stock spare parts for most existing hard drive models. In rare cases you might be asked to provide a spare drive for parts, to continue with a recovery process. The recovery cost might be reduced for those exceptional cases.



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