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Maxtor Data Recovery

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Maxtor-Desktop 3.5-inch Disks

We support all models of Maxtor Hard Disk Drives.

Typical symptoms and problems we can help with are:

  • Clicking / Ticking / Scratching / Grinding Sounds
  • Not spinning, Not powering on at all
  • Drive not working after Power Surge
  • Freezing or locking up the computer
  • Not detected by computer's CMOS/BIOS
  • Hard disk is detected but under a different model name: BIOS Detects disk as Maxtor ARES, Maxtor ATHENA , Maxtor N40P, Maxtor ROMULUS, Maxtor ARES, Maxtor CALYPSO, Maxtor FALCON, Maxtor SABRE, Maxtor PROXIMA, Maxtor RIGEL, Maxtor NIKE, Maxtor VULCAN, instead of the true model name (see details here ).
  • Corrupted partition
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions, Accidental Deletion of Data, Virus Problems
  • Hard disk is unable to be accessed ( Inaccessible drive or partition )
  • Unable to boot computer
  • The disk is seen in Operating System but asking to be formatted
  • Unable to access drive with an error message
  • Error reporting ' Primary Master disk failed, Press F1 to continue'

Data recovery process often involves replacing failed or damaged hard drive's components in a clean environment. The failed components typically include the read/write heads and drive's motor.

From few of old data retrieval projects

CHAD P. , FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey United States - with failed Maxtor 51536U3 15 GB: What failure occurred: Bios recognizes the drive and there are no clicking sounds. When the drive is cool windows recognizes it but I can't read it. After a while the drive becomes unrecognizable in Windows but bios still recognizes the drive. Tried the drive on many machines and diagnostic tools. NO reformat or repartition was attempted.

Appreciate your efforts in retrieving the data! Thank you!!!

Most often requested Maxtor Desktop Hard Disk Drives for Data Recovery

Click on your drive model from the table that is linked to the specific data recovery information (including price). If you cannot find the wanted hard drive model in the table, go to our drive search

Maxtor internal Hard drives grouped by Capacity

Capacity Maxtor HDD Models
500 Gb
6H500F0   6H500R0   7H500R0   STM3500320AS  
400 Gb
6H400F0   6H400R0  
300 Gb
5A300J0   6B300P0   6B300S0   6L300R0   6L300S0   7L300S0  
250 Gb
4A250J0   5A250J0   6B250S0   6L250R0   6L250S0   6V250E0   6Y250M0   6Y250P0   7L250S0  
200 Gb
6B200M0   6B200P0   6B200R0   6B200S0   6L200M0   6L200P0   6L200R0   6L200S0   6V200E0   6Y200M0   6Y200P0  
160 Gb
4A160J0   4G160J6   4R160L0   6B160M0   6B160P0   6L160M0   6L160P0   6V160E0   6Y160L0   6Y160M0   6Y160P0  
120 Gb
4G120J6   4R120L0   4R160L0   6B120M0   6B120P0   6L120M0   6L120P0   6Y120L0   6Y120M0  
100 Gb
4W100H6   6L100M0   6L100P0  
80 Gb
4D080H4   4K080H4   4R080J0   4R080L0   4W080H6   6B080M0   6L080J4   6L080P0   6V080E0   6V080L0   6Y080L0   6Y080M0   6Y080P0   98196H8  
60 Gb
4D060H3   4K060H3   4R060J0   4R060L0   4W060H4   5T060H6   6L060J3   6Y060L0   6Y060M0   96147H6  
46 Gb
40 Gb
2F040L0   34098H4   4D040H2   4K040H2   4W040H3   54098U8   5T040H4   6E040L0   6K040L0   6L040J2   94098U8  
36 Gb
30 Gb
2F030J0   2F030L0   33073H3   4W030H2   53073H4   53073U6   5T030H3   6E030L0   6K030L0   93073U6  
27 Gb
92720U8   92739U6  
20 Gb
2B020H1   2F020L0   2R020H1   32049H2   4K020H1   52049H3   52049U4   5T020H2   6E020L0   6K020L0   6L020J1   92040U6   92041U4   92049U4  
18 Gb
17 Gb
15 Gb
2B015H1   2R015H1   31535H2   51536H2   51536U3   91531U3  
13 Gb
91301U3   91360U4   91369U3  
10 Gb
2B010H1   2R010H1   31024H1   51024U2   5T010H1   91020U3   91024U2  
8 Gb
90845U3   90871U2  
6 Gb
90641U2   90651U2  
4 Gb

Maxtor desktop drives grouped by Family

Family Maxtor HDD Models
DiamondMax 22 SATASTM3500320AS  
MaXLine Pro 5007H500R0  
DiamondMax Plus 116H500F0   6H500R0   6H400F0   6H400R0  
MaXLine II5A300J0   5A250J0  
MaxLine III STATA 1507L300S0   7L250S0  
DiamondMax 164A250J0   4A160J0   4R160L0   4R120L0   4R080J0   4R080L0   4R060J0   4R060L0  
DiamondMax 106B300P0   6L300R0   6L250R0   6B200P0   6B200R0   6L200P0   6L200R0   6B160P0   6L160P0   6B120P0   6L120P0   6L100P0   6L080P0   6V080L0  
DiamondMax D540X-4G4G160J6   4G120J6  
DiamondMax 10 SATA6V250E0   6V200E0   6V160E0   6V080E0  
DiamondMax 10 Serial ATA6B300S0   6L300S0   6B250S0   6L250S0   6B200M0   6B200S0   6L200M0   6L200S0   6B160M0   6L160M0   6B120M0   6L120M0   6L100M0   6B080M0  
DiamondMax 8098196H8   96147H6  
DiamondMax Plus 96Y250P0   6Y200P0   6Y160L0   6Y160P0   6Y120L0   6Y080L0   6Y080P0   6Y060L0  
DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA 150 HDD6Y250M0   6Y200M0   6Y160M0   6Y120M0   6Y080M0   6Y060M0  
DiamondMax D540X-4D4D080H4   4D060H3   4D040H2  
DiamondMax Plus 536DX4W100H6   4W080H6   4W060H4   4W040H3   4W030H2  
D540X-4K4K080H4   4K060H3   4K040H2   4K020H1  
Fireball 32F040L0   2F030J0   2F030L0   2F020L0  
D740X-6L6L080J4   6L060J3   6L040J2   6L020J1  
DiamondMax Plus 86E040L0   6E030L0   6E020L0  
DiamondMax Plus 8 Quickview 406K040L0   6K030L0   6K020L0  
DiamondMax Plus 4554610H6   53073H4   52049H3   51536H2  
531DX2R020H1   2R015H1   2R010H1  
541DX2B020H1   2B015H1   2B010H1  
DiamondMax 4094098U8   93652U8   93073U6   92739U6   92049U4   91826U4   91369U3   91024U2  
DiamondMax VL4034098H4   33073H3   32049H2   31535H2   31024H1  
DiamondMax 40 PLUS54098U8   53073U6   52049U4   51536U3   51024U2  
DiamondMax Plus 605T060H6   5T040H4   5T030H3   5T020H2   5T010H1  
DiamondMax 6800 series92720U8   92040U6   91360U4   91020U3   90845U3  
DiamondMax VL 20 Ultra ATA 6692041U4   91531U3   90651U2  
DiamondMax VL 17 Ultra ATA 6691741U4   91301U3   90871U2   90641U2   90431U1  

Maxtor External Drive Recovery

Inside of the External USB, FireWire, Network, or Combo Hard Drive case there is nothing more than the standard hard disk drive with the interface converter. Thus, the external drive inherits all kind of problems of the standard hard disk plus some others. The good news that the data recovery cost is the same as for standard hard drives.

The most advanced data recovery technologies, Clean Room techniques, and over 15 years of experience in Data Recovery allow us to retrieve data from any failed external hard drive.

Most often requested Maxtor External Hard Drives for Data Recovery

Capacity Maxtor External drives
1000 Gb
OneTouch III Turbo Edition
600 Gb
OneTouch III Turbo Edition
500 Gb
OneTouch III FireWire 400 and USB 2.0
OneTouch III USB 2.0
300 Gb
OneTouch II FireWire and USB
OneTouch III FireWire 400 and USB 2.1
OneTouch III USB 2.0
250 Gb
OneTouch FireWire
OneTouch FireWire and USB 2.0
OneTouch II FireWire and USB
OneTouch USB 2.0
Personal Storage 5000XT FireWire and USB 2.0
200 Gb
OneTouch FireWire
OneTouch FireWire and USB 2.0
OneTouch USB 2.0
Personal Storage 5000DV FireWire and USB 2.0
OneTouch III FireWire 400 and USB 2.2
OneTouch III USB 2.0
160 Gb
OneTouch FireWire
OneTouch FireWire and USB 2.0
OneTouch USB 2.0
Personal Storage 3000XT Firewire
Personal Storage 5000DV FireWire and USB 2.0
120 Gb
OneTouch USB 2.0
Personal Storage 3000LE USB 2.0
Personal Storage 5000DV FireWire and USB 2.0
80 Gb
1394 External Storage (IEEE 1394 Firewire)
OneTouch USB 2.0
Personal Storage 3000DV Firewire
Personal Storage 3100 USB 2.0
Personal Storage 5000LE USB 2.0
60 Gb
Personal Storage 3000DV Firewire
Personal Storage 3000LS USB 2.0
40 Gb
1394 External Storage (IEEE 1394 Firewire)
Personal Storage 3000LS USB 2.0

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