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Your few accurate answers will expedite the whole data recovery process.

Important Notes about selecting the Service Plan

» Double-check the correct storage capacity. Otherwise the price will be corrected upon receiving device in the lab.

» For RAID Capacity that used in Service Plan Selector here: Use the total sum of all drive’s capacities in your RAID, regardless its configuration type. This conditional capacity value we use to rate recovery cost only, but not as technical info.
Example: For three 1TB drives in RAID-5 it will be 3Tb.

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What DATA must be recovered? From most critical files to folders to avoid.

« Give us a hint about what and where your critical files and directories are, and what data you don't need to be recovered.

Technical Details: Any info about your failed device you can add for our specialists:

« Device brand, model, capacity, volumes, OS
« Events leading up to the failure and data loss
« Previous repairs/recoveries attempts
« Does the drive have the original parts?